Sincerest Thanks and good riddance 2020!!

WOW, last year was a doozy! So glad we can put that behind us and move forward. Now that we Realtors just closed out our fiscal year, awards were given and the clock is now reset to start over once again. I am always humbled at the support we have been given over the years. After all, past clients and referrals are the driving force behind our careers. And now with an influx of over 350 new LR agents over the last few years, I am reminded at how grateful I am to have the opportunity to still work with so many of you! Reed and I have been navigating our way through the Little Rock residential and commercial real estate market since 2004, and you better believe, we have seen the highs AND lows. Our knowledge and experiences have not always been so easy to come by, but we most certainly appreciate all the lessons learned along the way. So, we just wanted to say thank you!! We look forward to serving our community for a long time coming. Please keep us in mind when you OR your friends and family are in the real estate market. We are here to help!

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