My husband and I decidedly recently to tackle some pretty big (in size and cost) home repair & upgraded projects. Because we were in no rush, we interviewed several contractors and received more than a handful of bids. I was shocked at the difference of cost among the contractors, not to mention the suggestions on the work that should or should not be done. Costs ranged anywhere from $1200 – $40,000. UNBELIEVABLE, I know!!! To give you an idea of how much it should been…we spent $7000.

Fortunately, my husband and I both are in the real estate industry and extremely familiar with repairs and general costs. I was able to separate the work among the professionals I knew would be the most reliable and cost effective.

I’m telling you all of this as a reminder, please get SEVERAL quotes when you are looking to make a repair on your home or office. Due your due diligence. Ask specific questions. Get it in writing and question the warranties. Ask your Realtor for advice. Better yet, call me if you don’t have a Realtor. 🙂

There are all too many inexperienced subs out there, as well as big name companies taking advantage of your situation. Be careful and ask for recommendations!!!

Why I do what I do.

While cleaning out my disheveled ‘after summer break’ home office, I came across this sweet note from a client. It reminded me of why exactly I love my job. It’s not all roses on any given day, but when you see the look of a new buyers face after closing, you realize all of the hard work is for that exact moment.