About Me

2574c0e0-4efa-45a4-b71e-84d428aacb72Thanks for visiting my page!  I hope you’ll find the information on here to be intriguing, beneficial, reliable and enjoyable most of all. I’m a lifelong resident of Little Rock and I’ve been working in real estate going on 14 years.  Since I began my career as a Realtor, the market has encountered a dramatic change in the way homes are marketed and sold.  I’ve experienced buyers AND sellers markets, the economy downfall, a rebuilding of the consumers confidence and interest in investing, as well as inventory lows. Over the years I’ve built large network of people, consisting of consumers, Realtors, builders, developers, appraisers and so on.  This network helps me maneuver around a buyers home search and most certainly while marketing my listings.  Each property is sellable in a different way, and it takes a professional who not only has a tried and true method, but knows how to sell a home given the current market challenges. Check out a little more about me and The Charlotte John Company HERE.  I hope to be of some help whether your buying or selling.

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