When 911 doesn’t answer

I recently read a post on the Nextdoor neighbor app that was unbelievably disturbing. Someone tried to call 911 in a desperate situation. Ring after ring, no one ever answered!!! AND in addition, no one ever called this distressed individual back! This is terrifying and unacceptable.

There were over 180 responses to this post and unfortunately, the majority of them were from people who had experienced the same problem with 911. However, there were also a lot of helpful pieces of information as well, which brings me here today. I learned about an app called SMART911. Y’all! Everyone needs to get this app! Hopefully most of you know about this and I’m just late to the game.

Smart911 is an app designed to send vital information to 911 when you are in that dire emergency situation. When a call is placed to 911 from a mobile phone, the call operators have very little information to go by. This app will send them your primary contact info, address, type of vehicle, emergency contacts, information on your children, pet names and so forth. Once you download the app, you can input whatever information you would like. I just downloaded it myself. It’s super easy! Hopefully, I won’t need it. But IF and WHEN I do, this can only help.

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